HP 342661-001 Battery Replacement fit HP Pavilion ZD7000 Series Laptop

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Please ensure the batteries that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device as well as voltage .If you order keyboard, before you order pls see clearly the picture of keyboard whether have track point and the electric circuit connection wire position is right.

Compatible Part Numbers:

338794-001, 342661-001, 345027-001, DM842A, PP2182D, PP2182L,

Fit Machine Models:

HP Pavilion ZD7000 Series
Pavilion ZD7000, Pavilion ZD7000-DF867AV,
Pavilion ZD7000-DF869AV, Pavilion ZD7000-DF871AV,
Pavilion ZD7000-DN730AV, Pavilion ZD7000-DP079AV,
Pavilion ZD7000-DP080AV, Pavilion ZD7000-DP081AV,
Pavilion ZD7000-DU886AV, Pavilion ZD7000-DU887AV,
Pavilion ZD7000-DU888AV, Pavilion ZD7000-PD293AV,
Pavilion ZD7000-PD294AV, Pavilion ZD7000-PD295AV
Pavilion ZD7001EA, Pavilion ZD7001EA-DP353E,
Pavilion ZD7001EA-DP763E, Pavilion ZD7001US,
Pavilion ZD7001US-DM793A, Pavilion ZD7001US-DM793AR,
Pavilion ZD7005EA-DV269E, Pavilion ZD7005QV-DR341U,
Pavilion ZD7005QV-DR341UR, Pavilion ZD7005US,
Pavilion ZD7005US-DP448U, Pavilion ZD7009EA-DR768E,
Pavilion ZD7010CA, Pavilion ZD7010CA-DR340U,
Pavilion ZD7010CA-DR340UR, Pavilion ZD7010EA-DP764E,
Pavilion ZD7010QV, Pavilion ZD7010QV-DM794A,
Pavilion ZD7010US, Pavilion ZD7010US-DM788A,
Pavilion ZD7010US-DM788AR, Pavilion ZD7012EA-DR769E,
Pavilion ZD7015EA, Pavilion ZD7015EA-DP769E,
Pavilion ZD7015US-DT859U, Pavilion ZD7015US-DT859UR,
Pavilion ZD7020EA-DV268E, Pavilion ZD7020US-DR089U,
Pavilion ZD7020US-DR089UR, Pavilion ZD7030EA-DP765E,
Pavilion ZD7030US, Pavilion ZD7030US-DM790A,
Pavilion ZD7030US-DM790AR, Pavilion ZD7035EA-DP768E,
Pavilion ZD7038, Pavilion ZD7038EA-DR770E,
Pavilion ZD7040EA, Pavilion ZD7040EA-DP761E,
Pavilion ZD7040EA-DP762E, Pavilion ZD7040US,
Pavilion ZD7040US-DM789A, Pavilion ZD7040US-DM789AR,
Pavilion ZD7045EA-DY625E, Pavilion ZD7048CL-DM792A,
Pavilion ZD7048EA-DV275E, Pavilion ZD7049EA-DY627E,
Pavilion ZD7050EA-DP767E, Pavilion ZD7050EA-DP770E,
Pavilion ZD7050US-DT860U, Pavilion ZD7055EA-DV274E,
Pavilion ZD7058CL, Pavilion ZD7058CL-DM791A,
Pavilion ZD7058CL-DM791AR, Pavilion ZD7060EA-DV271E,
Pavilion ZD7063EA-DV272E, Pavilion ZD7065EA-DY624E,
Pavilion ZD7066EA, Pavilion ZD7066EA-DV277E,
Pavilion ZD7070EA, Pavilion ZD7070EA-DP766E,
Pavilion ZD7080EA-DY626E

Battery Type : Li-ion
Voltage : 14.80V
Capacity : 6600mAh
Color : Dark Grey
Dimension : 272.70 x 79.05 x 25.00 mm
Product Type : Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Condition : New, 1 year warranty!
Product ID :HLB_NHP012

  • Model: 342661-001|HP Pavilion ZD7000 Battery
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